WAID reports and data

The following table contains the annual fatality reports using data extracted from WAID. These reports are published on a calendar year basis; we aim to release the first edition of the report by the middle of the following year. Within the report we embed links to the underpinning data tables, showing aggregated statistics.

Published annual fatality reports Version and data extract Data period
2014 Annual Fatal Incident Report (XLS) 1st Data release. Calendar year 2014
2013 Annual Fatal Incident Report (XLS 159kb) 1st Data release. Extract: 06/14 Calendar year 2013
2012 Annual Fatal Incident Report PDF (PDF 4mb) 1st Data release. Extract: 07/13 Calendar year 2012

2011 Annual Fatal Incident Report PDF (PDF 4.5mb)

1st Data release. Extract: 12/12 Calendar year 2011
2010 Annual Fatal Incident Report PDF (PDF 784kb) 1st Data release. Extract: 04/12 Calendar year 2010
2009 Annual Fatal Incident Report PDF (PDF 1.5mb) 1st Data release. Extract: 01/11 Calendar year 2009


The following table contains reports that utilise the WAID dataset. The authors or owners of these reports are indicated in brackets, as such, their conclusions may not reflect the views of the NWSF or its members. Further information on obtaining and use of the WAID dataset can be found here.

Other published reports using WAID data Version and data extract Data period
Assessing Inland Accidental Drowning Risk (RoSPA) Considers inland fatalities and shows relative risk of selected activities and locations using sports and other participation data. PDF (PDF 4Mb) Final Calendar years 2009-11
Delivering Accident Prevention at local level in the new public health system. Part 2: Accident prevention in practice - Fact Sheet Water safety benefits, risk and choice. (RoSPA). PDF (PDF 1Mb) Final Calendar years 2009-11