National Water Safety Forum




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20th April  NFCC Water Safety Webinar

26th April - 2nd May  #BeWaterAware

28th April NWSF  Inland Advisory Group meeting

5th May  NWSF Coastal Group meeting

1st June  Water Safety Scotland meeting

19th June - 26th June  RLSS UK Drowning Prevention Week

5th July - 9th  July Maritime Safety Week

21st July - Manchester Water Safety Partnership meeting

22nd July - NWSF Inland group meeting 

25th July - UN Global Drowning Prevention Day

19th August  -  NWSF Coordinating Group meeting

2nd September - NWSF Coastal group meeting

9th September -  Emergency Services Day

13th September - Nottinghamshire Water Safety Partnership meeting

27th September - NWSF Coastal group meeting

29th September - CPR ChallengeWorld Heart Day (RLSS)

29th September - Merseyside Water Safety Forum meeting

5th October   Water Safety Scotland meeting

13th October Manchester Water Safety Partnership meeting

20th October  York Water Safety Forum meeting

6th November - The National Presentation of Honours Ceremony (RLSS)

18th November -  National Water Safety Conference

13th December  Nottinghamshire Water Safety Partnership meeting