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NWSF coastal group: preparing for a busy summer and coastal safety

The National Water Safety Forum’s Coastal Group met virtually for the first meeting of 2021 last week.

The focus was on preparations for coastal safety this summer. It’s predicted that there will be an influx of visitors at the coast this year as the weather improves and lockdown restrictions ease.

Member discussed preventative strategies and the work that has been done so far, sharing updates and future proposals.

Joint communications

This included ideas on how members can join forces and spread joint safety messages far and wide to both coastal and inland audiences to maximise reach. The key messages will include top tips and safety advice on how to stay safe at the coast together with the call 999 Coastguard emergency message.

Letter to beach owners and local authorities

The RNLI and HM Coastguard reported back on a recent collaboration. The organisations have shared a letter with beach owners and local authorities providing data and information to help support safety measures, preparations, risk assessments and planning.

Policing contributing to coastal safety

Following a presentation by Inspector Adrian Woon from Devon and Cornwall Police and his colleague Sergeant Andy Mulhern, who leads on the police led Coast Safe campaign, the group explored how policing can help push safety messages and drowning prevention activity, as well as the role they may play on a national level looking ahead.

Other discussion included how partners in the group have supported each other, working collaboratively, to ensure training and qualifications are in place ahead of the lifeguard season, a presentation on individuals in crisis and HM Coastguard’s suicide incident support strategy, and James Scott Anderson from British Marine presented on the plans for introducing a Code of Practice for Marinas and Boatyards to improve safety in the recreational marine industry.

With the busy season just around the corner, the group will be meeting again in May.

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