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NWSF Newsletter - Special WDPD edition June 2023


Message from the Chair

World Drowning Prevention Day (WDPD) is an opportunity for all agencies, charities and advocates who are passionate about water safety and drowning prevention. The campaign, which takes place annually on 25 July and is co-ordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO), ensures a continuing spotlight on the issue of drowning and drowning prevention across the globe, and the UK National Water Safety Forum (NWSF) is committed to supporting it.

The WHO’s call to action, which you can read more about below, is designed to be inclusive, regardless of whether you’re already involved in promoting drowning prevention, or it’s the first time if you or your organisation are supporting a water safety campaign. 


The WHO’s call to action is encapsulated in the strapline:




NWSF already shares data on drowning, and develops guidance and delivers campaigns on drowning prevention, supported by advocacy work through its strategy, plan, advisory groups and projects. This year, we want to add this special newsletter to share more about our work and to highlight the importance of partnership.


To reduce drowning, we must proactively collaborate. 


Dawn Whittaker

NWSF Chair


World Drowning Prevention Day (WDPD)

WDPD, declared in the April 2021 UN General Assembly Resolution A/RES/75/273 “Global drowning prevention”, is held annually on 25 July. This global advocacy event serves as an opportunity to highlight the devastating and profound impact of drowning on families and communities, and offers life-saving solutions to prevent such tragedies.

In this third WDPD, the WHO is asking countries and partners to respond to the call to action for global drowning prevention: 

Do one thing

If you’re not yet involved in drowning prevention, just do one thing to support.

Improve one thing

If you’ve already started to work in your area on drowning prevention, then improve one thing.

Add one thing

If you’re deeply engaged with drowning prevention, add one thing – there’s always more that can be done.


The WHO has provided suggestions on how individuals, communities and countries can ‘Do, Improve and Add’ one thing:

Visit the official World Drowning Prevention Day UN webpage


Access the WHO WDPD resource materials and campaign page here and specific 2023 materials here

Watch the recording of the WHO-led WDPD 2023 information webinar, which took place on 22 May 2023 (Passcode: HwKq3a*j)



NWSF-led WDPD 2023 webinar


NWSF hosted a webinar on 26 June covering the UK’s plans to support WDPD 2023. If you missed it, watch the recording here.


The slides of the webinar can be found here.

All the links and further updates can be found on the NWSF WDPD web page here.



Call to action

As the NWSF works with a broad range of organisations and partners, we want to share the powerful work that so many organisations are doing across the board to reduce drowning fatalities.

1. Decide how you are going to support WDPD through the ‘Do, Improve and Add one thing’ call from WHO – watch the recording and read the slides for ideas.

2. Please let us know what you/your group/your organisation are doing to support World Drowning Prevention Day by completing this short survey. In particular, if your event is in England, please let us know so that we can offer media the opportunity to attend.

3. After WDPD - share your stories and photos with us across the day, especially if you're going blue for WDPD. We want to show the positive impact our partners have across the UK. If you have an example of how drowning prevention education has made a difference to an individual or community, please email us at

Thank you for your continued support in raising awareness of water safety and drowning prevention.


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