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Water safety partnerships - Guidance

New guidance

On the 24th January 2024 the NWSF Inland and Coastal Groups launched a guidance document on how to set up a Water Safety Partnership.  

Webinar session video

Presentation slides

The document brings together three approaches to creating a water safety group, the six key elements to consider when setting up a group, as well as four case studies from across the UK.

You can access the document below.





Spotlight on Manchester

The Greater Manchester Water Safety Strategic Partnership (GMWSSP) has established Water Safety Partnerships (WSPs) in 9 of the 10 Greater Manchester (GM) boroughs and is currently in discussions to establish the 10th and final WSP.

GMWSSP is encouraging all WSPs to undertake a comprehensive risk review of all local water risks. This will then form the basis of a Community Water Safety Action Plan. Additionally, a Tactical Group will meet quarterly to align its approach across GM and share best practice.

This will allow national and regional experts to deal directly with local practitioners. Funding for all 10 WSPs has been applied for from the Greater Manchester Police Asset Recovery Incentivisation Scheme (proceeds of crime) fund and further funding and joint procurement opportunities are being sought locally. 


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