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Why is the risk of flood an issue?

Flooding risk is increasing due to climate change and it’s increasingly likely that the UK will experience more frequent flooding.

There are growing numbers of community flood resilience groups across the UK to help communities prepare for a flood. However, it’s vital that individuals are aware of how to keep themselves safe during flooding.


What are the dangers of flood water?

  • Flood water is very cold, even in the summer, and you could suffer cold water shock. Also, the water could be faster flowing than you think. So, don’t enter the water for any reason.
  • Fast-flowing water is powerful. At just ankle depth, it can knock you off your feet.  In high-risk areas, the depth of water can increase rapidly.
  • Flood water may contain moving debris that could trip you up, cut or injure you.
  • Flood water is treated as contaminated by the Fire and Rescue Services. Contaminants include sewage, animal waste, E. coli, Shigella, and agricultural and industrial waste.


Where can I find further information?

For further information on the impact of flooding and how to stay safe can be found in the NWSF document below:

flooding .pdf file


If you are a water safety practitioner or work with communities at flood risk, please see below our social media assets to raise awareness.

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